Meet the Expanded Team at SEEN HAUS
2 min readDec 1, 2021

From the initial drawing board to a working prototype to a successful marketplace that merged the physical art and NFT economies, SEEN HAUS has always emphasized specific core values: a strong community, collaboration, and curation. As opposed to competing VC-funded platforms that typically operate within their own walled gardens, SEEN HAUS has always relished open source protocols that have always been consistently improved and iterated on by its community.

After a successful V2 launch, the original team at SEEN HAUS wanted to expand their target audience. While we still love physical art with QR codes that are paired to NFTs, we recognize that community members also want a decentralized, digital-only marketplace as well. Embodying the ethos of a grassroots project, active participants of the community came together to collaborate on a self-minting NFT marketplace.

First, @laserbach took the initiative with marketing coordination and now is in charge of operations and strategy.

@JayBWelsh started with voluntary pull requests on Github before being convinced to join the project on a permanent basis as a full stack developer.

Talented digital artist @desultor, who has cultivated a loyal following with glitch art animations on both ETH and Tezos, took on the responsibility of UI/UX front end design and uses his connections in the digital art world for artist recruitment.

@doublew0rdscore, a prominent collector and crypto speculator, helped out with written and audio content, and now heads communications & social media engagement.

And of course the memes. @nexus3th moderates Telegram & Discord, supports marketing campaigns and community engagement, and creates the dankest memes in his spare time.

Together with OGs @jiigsaw1 and @JIGGLYBUFF69, we will lead SEEN HAUS in the next phase of growth and development for the protocol. For the past few months, the team has been working at a feverish pace, ready to announce the next chapter for SEEN HAUS: we are launching our own native self-minting NFT platform. This will be accompanied by a secondary marketplace. Details will be coming in the next few days so keep your eyes and ears out on social media.

One more thing.

Finally, the elephant in the room. Like a game of word association, we often get grouped together with BlueKirby … and regardless of what you may think of the controversial blue puffball, we want to clarify: BlueKirby left SEEN HAUS in early 2021 and plays no role in any operations with the current team; he has no remaining financial incentives with SEEN HAUS either, as he graciously donated his entire $SEEN allocation back to the treasury and never sold any tokens on the open market. We have no idea where he is or what he is doing, and we wish the best for him, but we want SEEN HAUS to be known for the strength of our core product and our outstanding community, and not for the actions of one early influencer.

We are proud of the time and effort this team has put into the project and we’re so excited to get this party started. The future is bright so stay tuned for our official V3 announcement.