2 min readApr 26, 2021


Since it’s inception, SEEN HAUS has sold 43 pieces of artwork generating over 300 ETH in total sales. In the process, we’ve onboarded dozens of artists, shipped art across the globe, and built a devoted core community.

Now, it’s time to scale!

The first step is bringing on advisors that can help us fulfill our vision of building a community governed and curated NFT auction house that merges the physical + digital worlds of art.

We’re proud to announce that the first two advisors joining the SEEN HAUS family are NFT veterans gmoney and Justin Trimble.

Gmoney is a cryptocurrency investor and NFT collector. In January 2021, he purchased CryptoPunk #8219 for $150,000, a record sale at the time, sparking the parabolic rise in CryptoPunks in early 2021. He is an active member of the community and a strong advocate for NFTs and digital ownership rights.

Justin Trimble is a full-time NFT collector, curator, and advisor. His collection includes early CryptoPunks, Top Shot, MoonCats, Art Blocks, XCOPY, Beeple, and dozens of other collectibles.

Both are experts in the NFT industry and their connections and experience will be extremely valuable to the SEEN HAUS community. Most importantly they are avid collectors themselves who have a deep understanding of the entire ecosystem.

They will primarily be focused on assisting SEEN HAUS with:

  • Artist Recruitment
  • Brand Awareness
  • Product Development

We’ll be hosting an AMA on Discord later this week to formally introduce both gmoney and Justin to the community. More details soon!

For all the latest updates, you can follow the project on Twitter, Discord, Telegram, and here on Medium.

— the team