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“Will AI coexist with us after the singularity happens?,” Carter often ponders. “Or will it be humanity’s last invention that turns on us all?”

It’s a philosophical dilemma that has stirred arguments for decades. Technology moves at exponential speeds and it’s not certain that human beings will be able to adapt to that breakneck pace. It is human nature to embrace technology and evolution but often it’s that same reliance on advancement which brings harm to society.

Films, television, and books have all tackled this paradoxical trope; Netflix’s Black Mirror series often highlights dystopian nightmares of technological advancement gone awry. James Cameron’s The Terminator or Spike Jonze’s Her take uniquely different approaches to the idea that there is a point at which technological growth becomes uncontrollable, and more importantly, irreversible and urges caution against that.

Well, thankfully, we are not quite at that inflection point yet, and we can still enjoy these technological feats, before society succumbs to evil AI warlords.

Carter self-admittedly is constantly thinking about the future, and specifically, future technology. The result is The Blockchain Series (TBS), a collectible card set that merges augmented reality with art, an experience that truly feels like it’s from the future.

Inspired by films like Bladerunner 2049 and Netflix series Altered Carbon, Carter designed the physical cards with an intentionally uber-futuristic look: clean lines with a monochrome palette and sans-serif text. The key differentiator is that he leverages AR technology to provide a more interactive experience. Artitive, an app available on iOS and Google play stores, brings these cards to life.

Once the augmented reality functionality is engaged, renderings of the subject appear, able to be rotated and viewed from all angles. Further, iconic interview clips from the subject play in the background, reminding you of their contributions to the crypto space. This immersive experience combining physical art with augmented reality is the very first on the blockchain, and despite the risk of sounding cliche, is something that needs to be seen to be believed.

“Having AR scalability tech in each and every single card with its own unique dialogue and animations makes my pieces stand out from every other collectible static JPEG cards on the market,” Carter explains.

Exclusive to SEEN HAUS, the TBS Genesis Series includes 20 of the most influential crypto personalities, ranging from Vitalik Buterin to Michael Saylor to Tyler Winkelvoss. Each card is a single edition 1 of 1, but they are tagged with different rarity levels: common, rare, ultra rare, & legendary.

The Auction

The TBS Genesis Series will launch with three 1 of 1 auctions. Each physical and AR enhanced card has an embedded NFC tag that links to the NFT. The NFT serves as the digital representation of the art piece and provides a tamper- proof history of ownership.

Title: TBS Genesis Series
Edition: 1 of 1, three auctions
Size: Housed in a magnetic A5 frame measuring at 15cm x 21cm
Date: Tuesday April 27 till Thursday April 29
Time: 15:00 EST

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