SEEN DROP — Clarence Ruth
3 min readNov 2, 2021

Clarence Ruth was a military child born in Autumn of 1981 and raised mostly in New York. He also grew up between New Jersey, Texas and Florida in America. He is a father, author and Creative Director. Studied Fashion Design and combined his passion for art and fashion into one form and artistic release.

Clarence made a name for himself in the fashion industry as Creative Director and fashion designer. The founder of Cotte D’Armes which is a ready-to-wear denim brand. It takes the influence of his time in the military together with street-biker chic.

His greatest early accomplishment was winning a number of first place art contests and fares and one of them bought by JC Penny department store. He has his most moving thought provoking pieces at the Krause Gallery of NYC and Ruth African Museum of Art.

Clarence’s scope of work extends beyond America and was featured in the famous Chinese Road Show Project and Creative Director in Shanghai Fashion Week in 2015 for a brand called Dirty Pineapple. Under Ruth’s, leadership and direction helped make one of the top 20 shows during New York Fashion week in 2019.

More recently, he has authored an illustrated concept book called ‘Colors de La Runway’ on the shelves of MoMa Design Store and High Museum of Art.

In Spring of 2021 Ruth had his first solo exhibition at Casterline Goodman Gallery displaying his unique paintings, sculptures and drawings such as Jean-Michael Basquiat, Mark Bradford, Alexander Calder, Alex Katz and Andy Warhol among many other greats in the artistic world today.

Today, Clarence Ruth is still based in New York City and has made a name for himself in the fashion industry and art world! As an artist he’s encouraged to create through emotions and things that move him on multiple levels. Often a social, spiritual, and/or cultural meaning behind his artistic expressions as an outlet to inspire the uninspired.

His creative process is not about beauty or what is aesthetically pleasing, neither sales but aiming for human connection in any shape or form. Through his balanced calm demeanor, character building and pop art approach help to uniquely get his message across. These messages are often in the form of acrylic on canvas, pencil and pen illustrations on paper, and small sculptures.

Clarence’s main mission as an artist is to open the minds of the close minded. To educate the uneducated. To inspire the uninspired!

His collaboration with Seen Haus is the Astroy Boy featuring the character Oreo taking his identity to new heights. Idealizing his daydream into a thriving version of his best self by confronting multiple personalities and inner demons. This animated rendition is that of encapsulating an identity crisis that many experience across all cultures, countries and ages.

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Title: Clarence Ruth — Astro Oreo
Edition: 15/15 (Physical + NFT)
Date: Tuesday November 2nd
Time: 15:00 EST

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