SEEN DROP — Leegan Koo

Born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. In a fast-paced society, moving from city to city, most rarely takes a moment to discern the quirky side of life. In his later years, Leegan moved to San Francisco to attend Academy of Art University for formal training in different artistic styles.

He draws inspiration and motivation from jazz, hip hop, graffiti, more particularly Sponge Bob and Jack in the Box. He’s style varies from cityscapes to a mix of realism and surrealism. Leegan loves to connect a place to a memory and emotional landmark represented in visual expression. Today his art is distinguished with a mix of classic tone with some form of modernism.

Leegan’s Creepy Awkwardly Quirky Style

Leegan’s work is often a blend of classical timeless painting style with a splash of SpongeBob or includes Jack in the Box. One of his interview found at

One of his accolades was being awarded first place in the Orange County Art Contest. A noteworthy collector of Leegan Koo is the famous Hollywood director, J.J. Abrams ( who has directed Lost, Star Trek and Star Wars to name a few , has several of his pieces in his collection. More of Leegan’s captivating artwork can be seen at

SEEN x Leegan Koo

The chosen piece “Pikabob” of Leegan Koo was inspired by experimenting with swapping faces of well-known cartoon characters with various non associating places.
Pikachu + SpongBob birthed “Pikabob” sitting inside SpongeBob’s shack, the Pineapple House. This can be purchased at along with the countdown to grab one of these exclusive pieces. Both the NFT and physical product are shipped to your door across the globe.

Title: Leegan Koo — Pikabob
Edition: 1 of 1 (Physical + NFT)
Date: Tuesday June 15
Time: 15:00 EST

exclusively on

Connect with Leegan Koo

Twitter: @leegan_koo