2 min readNov 4, 2021

LUZ was born in North Virginia, USA. This was his initial inspiration, the woods and forest of North Virginia. Today, he gains creativity boosts from anatomy, mythology, distorted body parts, vibrant colors, cartoons, movies & fictional worlds.

His artistic stylistic approach involves painting and illustration with contrasting colors. LUZ melts together acrylic paint and digital techniques to create the pieces he is known for. LUZ is a mixed media abstractionist which is his signature style that makes his work stand out from the rest. LUZ’s work effortlessly combines vibrant color & mediums with a darker subject matter.

These unique abstract characters have a psychedelic style but many don’t realize how dark the nature of his process truly is. LUZ utilizes bright colors & cartoonish imagery to transport the viewer to his own universe. In this universe darkness is disguised through a mesh of vibrant colors.

His paintings have an endearing sentimental feel to it, taking us back to a more simpler time in life that’s so easy to be forgotten. A yearning for a time where life wasn’t all digital and was simply face to face.

LUZ is a self taught artist and has made a name for himself on SuperRare, Foundation and MakersPlace. His greatest accomplishment is being able to support himself fully as an artist. Also having his work displayed on a series of billboards in Shibuya, Japan and displayed twice at the SuperChiefNFT Gallery in 2021.

Some of LUZ’s notable collectors include :@StaniKulechov , @NftAficionado , @Kenshiro_NFT

Title: LUZ— Twin Flamez
Edition: 1 of 1 (Physical + NFT)
Date: Friday November 5th
Time: 15:00 EST

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