SEEN DROP — Seamus Conley
2 min readJun 16, 2021

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Seamus had no prior artistic training making his skill pure, raw and authentic. Not harboured by any artistic nor philosophical predispositions, gives his pieces an edge. His artistic flair is effortless and seamless, unlike any other and quite unique in his approach.

Seamus’s artistic muse varies from cinema to museums, galleries and movies. From everyday life and everyday living, it’s in the small things that he draws inspiration. His work has been exhibited throughout America including the Solo Museum in Lancaster.

Ethereal Emotive Expression

Seamus style tends to be an ethereal emotive expression often of one character in deep pondering moments, floating in the skies or looking beyond large landscapes. His work can be seen at . He is a renowned artist and has been featured in very prominent magazines like the San Francisco Weekly, Hi Fructose and the American Art Collector.

You can read one of his interviews at who described his work as “hauntingly beautiful”.

One of his accolades was being awarded the Pollock-Krasner Award for his paintings. A noteworthy collector of Seamus is the famous writer, Danielle Steel who has written “The Gift” and “Changes”, has several of his pieces at her home in Paris.

SEEN x Seamus Conley

Seamus Conley — Clouded

The chosen piece from Seamus Conley’s artwork is titled ‘Clouded” , it combines imagery that reflects some sort of perceived reality with a balance of fantasy and imagination. A dual reality, where the question comes “Is the figure in this painting actually on the mountain peak surrounded by ethereal clouds or a scenario conjured up in his mind’s eye?” The piece evokes more questions than answers and keeps one engaged in the artwork.

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See you then! In the virtual clouds…

Title: Seamus Conley — Clouded
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