Buy art and be SEEN

We’ve allocated 7.5% of the total supply to be distributed to the participants of our live auctions.

12,500 $seen tokens are up for grabs in the first auction.

The amount rewarded to participants can be broken down by the following formula:


The winner will also receive 1,250 $seen.

There are currently three auctions lined up immediately and we’ll be announcing major collaborations in the near future.

On 10/26 we’ll be dropping the much anticipated ‘To The Moon’ Collector’s Card minted by the NFT king himself, @buddyart00

Bidding will start at 10 ETH.

The winner receives both the tangible + digital version of the Collector’s Card.

Auctions will end 3 days after going live. However, the auction could automatically end prior to that if more than 12 hours pass between bids.

Live Auctions

To participate in live auctions, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit and connect to MetaMask
  2. You’ll be brought directly to the live auction. Enter the amount you would like to bid and then click ‘Place Bid’. From there you will be prompted to ‘Sign’ the transaction in MetaMask.
  3. A notification will open explaining that your bid has been accepted. In the event that you’ve been outbid, you can enter a higher amount and click ‘Place Bid’ again.
  4. A lot of bidding happens in the last few minutes or even seconds of an auction, so it’s advisable to stay online and refresh the page to check that you haven’t been outbid. You’ll be notified if you’re the highest bidder at the end of the auction.
  5. The winner will need to add their Telegram handle to their account on so we can coordinate shipping their tangible item.

Good luck to everyone!

Full details on the $seen token launch can be found here:

You can follow the project on Twitter, Telegram, and here on Medium.

- the seen team



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