multsig details
2 min readOct 16, 2020


We are excited to announce the members of the multisig.

We have chosen a select group from the community who believe in the vision of and are committed to helping us create a world class tangible + digital marketplace.

There are three core team members and four community members. Thus requiring at least one outside vote to approve any transaction.

The multisig members are:

  • RunDaGhouls — $based co-founder, NFT head
  • 0xMaki — SushiSwap co-founder, humble anon
  • andy8052 — smart contract dev, avid sneaker collector
  • Davis Ramsey — dev, NFT art enthusiast
  • CryptoSamurai — lead dev, favorite work of art is Roland’s “Sleeping Boy”
  • Jigsaw — communications, former calvin klein model
  • Buddyart00 — lead creative, multi-faceted digital + physical artist

The multisig will allow operational decisions to be made at a rapid pace for the next six to thirteen months and will have full control over the treasury. During this term, the multisig will be responsible for facilitating the creation and transition to a fully decentralized protocol.

The ETH address can be found here:


SEEN Tokenomics

A detailed outline of our tokenomics model can be found here:

If at any time you do not wish to support you can claim your refund here.

On October 25 at 5:03pm UTC, the withdrawal period will end and all remaining ethereum will be transferred to a multisig wallet controlled by the members listed above.

The following day at 9am EST the first auction will begin.

Please follow us on twitter and here on medium to stay updated.

Learn more about and our vision here.

- the seen team