SEEN HAUS To Auction World’s First Space NFT

The concept is simple; send an NFT backed painting into space. Let’s make NFT history and be the first in the cryptosphere to ever do so.

The spacebound portrait created by popular French Pop Artist Jisbar will feature NFT pioneer Beeple. As Jisbar puts it “payin’ homage to NFT’s godfather and history maker”.

Our idea is to share this iconic event with the NFT community in 2 ways:

  1. Offer 39 equal sections of the painting as NFTs. Each NFT owner may include a 14 character message in their section. This message will be handwritten on the painting by Jisbar prior to launch. Your message will make its way to space and will be part of NFT history. Why 39 sections? There are a total of 40 sections with 1 section being donated to Beeple for his own personalized message.
  2. Offer an open edition NFT of the history making launch. Imagine having an NFT of the first moon landing in 1969 if that were possible? Well now it’s going to be possible to own a piece of NFT history.

Space NFT releases will only be available on

  1. The 39 customisable tiles will be available through timed auctions. Auction start times will be clearly communicated through our various social channels.
  2. The open edition NFT will be available after the 39th tile has been sold. The buying window will be 6.9 minutes, or in other words 414 seconds.

Why 6.9 minutes? The number 69 represents:

  1. Beeples Christie’s Auction winning bid of 69 million dollars.
  2. Man first landing on the moon in the year 1969.

The spacecraft will be lifted by a large hydrogen-filled balloon. The spacecraft will travel over the course of 90 minutes eventually reaching a maximum altitude over 120,000 feet above the Earth. Here, the sky above will show the black vacuum of space, and the planet’s curvature will be seen below, accompanied by the thin blue glow of our atmosphere on the horizon.

As the craft rises, the ambient pressure around it will drop to less than 0.5% of normal atmospheric pressure at sea level, and temperatures will fall as low as -70°C. The decreasing pressure will also cause the stratospheric balloon to expand, reaching the size of a house. Eventually, the balloon will be unable to expand any further and burst. The craft will begin to fall back down to Earth, reaching speeds over 200mph, but as it travels down through the stratosphere and re-enters the troposphere (the lowest region of the Earth’s atmosphere, where we all live) the onboard parachute will begin to slow the craft to a gentle walking pace by the time it touches down.

Throughout the flight, the engineering team will be tracking the craft’s journey through the atmosphere with two live telemetry systems, giving real-time positional data within a metre at all times. Once the craft lands the team will be on-site to recover the painting and their equipment within minutes.

You can see an example of their previous work with Jisbar here.

Believe it or not the painting will come back down to earth and will be recovered by the operations team. The owners of the 39 sections will be able to redeem their section of the painting. You will literally own a piece of NFT history that went to space and back.

That’s right, Jisbar will be cutting, signing, framing and sending each section of the painting to their respective owners. Owners that do not claim their section will mean their section will be burned. Proof of burning will be verified.

This is truly a unique event and something special. Travelling to space is symbolic to crypto. Our intention for this project is to bring attention to the NFT in a different light. Even to those people that don’t quite understand NFT’s they will appreciate sending a painting to space and back. What makes this even more special is that its funded and verified all through blockchain technology. Thank you all for your support.

You can follow the project on Twitter, Telegram, and here on Medium.



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