token launch

$seen token

We have minted 1,000,000 $seen governance tokens.

Contract address:


$seen is a valueless governance token designed to help curate and guide the future of the

You will have a say in collaborations, drops, auction styles, and much more.

$seen is worthless. The only reason anyone would hold $seen is because a decentralized Sotheby’s sounds like something you’d like to curate and govern.

Claims are open

We appreciate everyone who has decided to support us and help fulfill our vision of merging the tangible + digital worlds.

We’ve opened our claims window and invite you to exchange your off — blue NFT for $seen.

Update! The V2 frontend doesn’t support the $SEEN claims. In order to still claim your $SEEN tokens using off-blue NFTs please follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to
2. Click “connect to web3” and follow the connection steps.
3. Select option “9. setApprovalForAll”
4. In the “_operator” field, enter the following value: 0x7D65138a005820bDFeF71973d6aaBC88700621C8
5. In the “_approved” field, enter: 1
6. Click “write” to execute the transaction
7. Once the transaction is complete, navigate to:
8. Click “connect to web3” and follow the connection steps.
9. Select “1. claim” and your Ethereum address which holds the Off Blue NFTs into the “_user” field.
10. Click “write”, once the transaction is complete, your $SEEN will be in your account.

You can claim forever or refund forever.

If you do not wish to support, please claim your refund here:

No matter how much time passes, 1 off — blue NFT can always be exchanged for 710 $seen

A snapshot of Blue Kirby NFT holders has been taken and they will be receiving their $seen tokens via air drop shortly.


The ETH will be moved to our multisig wallet and be used to fund the project.

Contract address:


A balancer smart pool and smart treasury are under development and will be released in the coming weeks after a full audit by a reputable 3rd party.

For the next 6–13 months, the multisig will be responsible for facilitating the creation and transition to a fully decentralized protocol.

Full details on our tokenomics can be found here:

We look forward to going live and making this all a reality.

A separate article will be posted shortly that provides further details on how to participate in our live auctions, which begin tomorrow (10/26) at 9am EST.

You can follow the project on Twitter, Telegram, and here on Medium.

After $seen is released we’ll share a private discord channel with exclusive perks for members who hold a minimum of 710 $seen.

- the seen team



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