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Hello SEEN Hausers,

The day has finally come! Through the ups and downs of the market we were quietly building, following through with our roadmap, and delivering an updated product that we think all NFT consumers will love. Thank you for your patience!

Some Background…

For our new followers, SEEN HAUS has been pioneering to be the auction house of the future. We were established late 2020 prior to the raucous bull run of mid to late 2021. SEEN HAUS is a platform that allows creators and artists to showcase their unique art to avid collectors. In an untapped market matching the NFT and receiving the physical product of the NFT with a linking QR code to prove ownership. It is one of the few curated marketplaces in the NFT space that does this today.

SEEN HAUS quickly developed a reputation for offering hand-picked, highly curated artworks by distinguished well established artists all across the globe. Placing emphasis on quality over quantity, handled with white glove service and red carpet treatment.

What does V3 Core Release mean?

SEEN V3 is a significant milestone on our journey. Why? In addition to merging physical and digital art, we believe in the importance of building out infrastructure for digital artists and web3 creators. We are proud to debut our V3 Core Upgrade which includes the following additions:

1. Primary Marketplace

The new marketplace will allow for English auctions with reserve pricing and also fixed price listings for both 1/1 pieces and multiple-piece editions. SEEN HAUS fee for NFT sales will be 5% and all platform fees are divided between the community governed treasury and $SEEN stakers or curators.

2. Self-minting

Yes, you heard us right! V3 now allows for a self-minting tool for specific whitelisted NFT artists to launch and mint new artwork for sales and auctions on the SEEN HAUS NFT marketplace. This creates a simple, effortless way for artists of all technical abilities to complete the minting process through our platform.

3. Secondary Marketplace

Reserve price in English auctions, fixed price, edition sales format. Royalties can vary from 1%-15% as chosen by the creator. Note that SEEN HAUS fee is an additional 2.5%. SEEN HAUS is backed by the EIP-2981 royalty standard.

As SEEN Hausers, artists, creators and curators can all benefit from the new updates and upgrades. In essence, V3 now takes the guesswork out of the process and makes it easy for both newcomers and advanced NFT power users to understand how to navigate the platform.

Yes, SEEN HAUS is Audited…

Be assured that all contracts on SEEN HAUS were audited by Omniscia.

They are a smart contract auditing company that helps startups and enterprises design, build and secure complex decentralized networks and applications.

You can read more about the specifics and technicals on ps://

Are you a Creator / Artist?

Would you like to be featured on our new V3 platform? Where you will have native self-minting privileges, a market for secondary sales, creator incentives and targeted curation.

Best of all, even artists or creators who do not have an NFT and who have real life physical art can apply.

There will be incentives for the first 500 primary NFT sales:

50 $SEEN for the artists

Applies for sales of min 0.1 ETH

$SEEN incentives apply for up to 5 mints per artist

To apply for the whitelist to take part in V3 click the link to apply

The Future Roadmap…

After the release of V3 SEEN HAUS will introduce community curation. This will instantly put the whitelisting process in the hands of the community and $SEEN token holders. With Layer 2 scaling solutions there will be a series of updates in the future to reduce gas prices and increase speed & efficiency.

The SEEN token holders will have early access to sales and benefit from Harberger taxes for featured listings. Also some premium features such as email notifications and more. Stay tuned to Twitter and Discord for live updates as they happen.

There will be a fresh update in the sales format, which gives access to blind auctions and even randomized drops when an artist launches an auction.

Some upcoming features will also include enabling external token listing and social media features directly from the platform.

In summary, SEEN HAUS V3 allows for primary marketplace, self-minting and a secondary marketplace. Participate in fun blind auctions and receive surprise randomized drops from your favorite artists that have minted and launched on the V3 platform.