SEEN Sit-Down with Campell La Pun
2 min readJan 22, 2021


Tokyo based @campbelllapun is an internationally acclaimed stencil pop artist whose collectors include celebrities, Fortune 500 companies, and private individuals all over the world.

We sat down for a quick chat with Campbell before the launch of his very first blockchain auction on

Q. What inspired you to start painting bitcoin related art?

A. @jigglybuff69 introduced the crypto world to me in November last year and it just was just natural to start turning all these new things into paintings.

Q. You have a pretty crazy list of celebrity collectors, how did Kylie Jenner get her hands on one of your pieces?

A. The piece was purchased from a gallery in NY and I only came to find out as needed to sign a release form giving permission to display in the ‘Life of Kylie’ TV show.

Q. What are your thoughts on NFT’s?

A. It’s an exciting space at the moment, it’s almost as though there’s a new medium that’s been discovered for artists and it’s only at the very early stages. I’m looking forward to how they keep evolving through time.

Q. On top of notable celebrities you also hang next to some pretty well established artists as well. how does it feel to be in the same company as Basquiat, Warhol etc?

A. It’s always an honor seeing my work hang next to the hero’s although it also adds a tonne of pressure, it makes you constantly push yourself to improve the work.

Q. Moët Hennessy is one of your corporate collectors, did you pop bottles when they brought you on?

A. I was lucky enough to work with Moët Hennessy on a Dom Perignon event held in Switzerland which was a very enjoyable evening where many delicious bottles were popped.

Thanks again to Campbell for taking the time to speak with us and also choosing seen haus for his first ever blockchain auction.

Looking forward to working together again soon!

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