State of SEEN — Volume #11

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Auction Recap

Targeting collectors and sneaker heads alike, we have successfully auctioned one of the rarest pairs of the iconic Air Jordan 1s in existence: The 1 of 28, Air Jordan 1 Black Toes Edition, laser engraved with Michael Jordan’s autograph. The pair found a new owner for 3.92 ETH

Drop Preview

The property up for auction is a studio apartment located in a historic section of Kiev, Ukraine. Currently owned by J. Michael Arrington (Founder of TechCrunch and Arrington XRP Capital), it was the first property purchased via a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain using cryptocurrency for payment.

Located in the popular residential neighborhood of Svyatoshino in Kyiv, Ukraine, the apartment will be the world’s first NFT real estate sale. The unit is brand new and tastefully finished, a studio apartment with full kitchen and a full bathroom.

This unique collectible NFT will include:
• Access to apartment ownership transferred paperwork
• Apartment digital image
• A unique digital art NFT by a famous Kyiv graffiti artist, Chizz (a physical painting of the digital artwork on a wall of the apartment)

Title: Propy — Real Estate NFT
Edition: 1 of 1
Date: Tuesday, June 08
Time: 13:00 EST


A major strength of SEEN HAUS is the ability to provide customized auction formats for our artists and creators, which often requires additional development resources. This is where our community devs @0xSEM and @_desultor_ are coming in clutch and delivered once again an amazing auction page for the Propy Real Estate NFT!

We can’t thank our community enough, together we will be $SEEN! Anyone is welcome to contribute to the development of the protocol. If you have a particular area of expertise you think would be valuable, feel free to reach out and we can figure out a way to get you involved.

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