State of SEEN — Volume #13

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Auction Recap

Leegan’s work is often a blend of classical timeless painting style with a splash of SpongeBob or includes Jack in the Box. His piece Pikabob was inspired by experimenting with swapping faces of well-known cartoon characters with various non associating place and sold for 0.67 ETH.

Award winning and self-taught artist Seamus Conley sold his piece called Clouded for 1.6 ETH, the artwork combines imagery that reflects some sort of perceived reality with a balance of fantasy and imagination.

Drop Preview

3 Artists — 1 Theme — Fading Fiat

Lewis Bannister

Lewis often uses a combination of spray can imagery alongside the classical Mickey Mouse popping up from the $1 bill instead of George Washington, the first American President. The treasury being displayed as Scrooge McDuck from the 1947 Walt Disney character, the most rich, greedy and grumpy character of all. All implying the goofy history behind the history of the US Dollar that few would dare poke fun at.


Penny jokes that he used to be a neurosurgeon that now uses his talent with a scalpel to cut holes in paper. With much precision and detail it’s that of a skilled surgeon. He finds inspiration in everyday objects but money is the recurring theme in the subversive ideas behind street art.

Showing cryptic and poetic meanings through imagery and adding classic cartoon characters like the Simpsons onto the US dollar, to show fiat currency’s ridiculous inflationary value which brings a comical twist to a serious matter.

Joey Colombo

Joey’s creative process involves cutting up fiat money across the globe and transferring the power of money given by governments and institutions, to create his own unique message and taking back the power. Money is about control. Bills in essence carry the meaning of different locations, cultures, ideologies and time periods. Cutting them up releases Joey’s own vision onto the bill that never existed before. It turns into a new bill, a new story, and a new currency with new meaning. It’s a very powerful provoking conversation piece to have one of these as part of your art collection.


Anyone is welcome to contribute to the development of the protocol. If you have a particular area of expertise you think would be valuable feel free to reach out and we can figure out a way to get you involved.

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