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In case you haven’t, make sure to check out State of SEEN #14 where we have outlined the timeline for V3 and additional features.

For our community to be able to follow the progress, we will continue releasing weekly development updates.

Development Update

V2 development:

  • Started with upgrade to V2 email notification system (complete within the next 2–3 days)
  • Bug fixes for reserve price auction timers & adjusted media carousel to properly handle non-standard aspect ratios

V3 development:

  • Listing management step of self-minting UI flow
  • Began review of Diamond Standard implementation of V3 contracts

Auction Recap

Last week we were excited to have BustArt on our platform! The popular Swiss street artist dropped Papa Smurf, a sold out aluminum wall sculpture with an automotive paint finish. Exclusively for SEEN HAUS, he designed the matching NFT for this piece by himself, making it BustArt’s first ever NFT in existence!

Drop Preview

This week we are excited to have both Art Policia and Frank Ape on SEEN HAUS with two amazing pieces!

Art Policia

Art Policia is a visual artist that has had exhibitions in Australia, USA, UK and Europe. He is the son of a world renowned impressionist artist and has been around art his entire life.

Art Policias work has been featured in multiple magazines, galleries as well as having designed for prominent fashion labels in Australia. Last year, Art Policia dove head first into NFTs and is a true believer of cryptocurrencies and NFT utilization.

Banana Scandal is the 3rd piece from his Pantone Misconduct series. There are a total of 5 pieces from this collection. Each piece is a parody of the Pantone color swatch cards that you’ve most likely come across when selecting colors for the walls in your home.

This particular piece features the controversial ‘artwork’ being a banana duct-taped to a wall that was sold at Miami’s Art Basel in 2019 for $120,000 by performance artist Maurizio Cattelan. The two red dots signify that two editions (Bananas) were sold. In the case of this piece there will only ever be one physical and NFT with no intention of releasing prints.

This is a hand painted piece using acrylic and spray paint and is delivered box stretched on canvas.

Title: Banana Scandal
Date: Tuesday, August 10
Time: 15:00 EST

Frank Ape

Brandon Sines was brought up between three major cities, Los Angeles, New York and Toronto but always had a special attachment to New York. Through this connection, the energy of NYC birthed Frank Ape. He finds inspiration in an arrangement of things from the sunset to music and even snippets from a conversation. Not one thing in particular but inspiration mostly comes from an emotional place. Something just “clicks”.

“Frank Ape” was an ape Pre-Defi and Pre-Bored Apes. Frank is a mythical ape that lives on the East Coast, in New York City among his human counterparts but without restrictions and limitations. He encapsulates both positivity and equality. Frank Ape believes in the power of imagination to “Create Your Own Universe.” In a playful manner, he inspires people and other animals through thoughtful action. This endearing character reminds us that helping others helps everyone. Mankind has somewhat forgotten this simple yet effective outlook on life. To get back to basics! In this way, Frank is an extension of everyone and everything.

Some of his art work has been collected by well known names in the music, art and business industry that cannot be named due to privacy. Frank Ape, was even featured in season 13 of Project Runway.

Frank Ape’s Reese’s Puffs is a hand painted one of a kind piece on an official Travis Scott Reese’s Puffs limited edition collectors box. Originally he was saving the box for his personal collection and then decided to Frankify it. He painted the front of the box to morph Travis Scott into Frank Ape and each little puff is now a tiny Frank embryo jumping for joy out of the bowl. It is perfect for the ultimate Frank Ape and Travis Scott fan.

Title: Frank Ape’s Reese’s Puffs
Date: Thursday, August 12
Time: 15:00 EST

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