State of SEEN — Volume #2
7 min readMar 9, 2021

Welcome to State of SEEN the weekly newsletter about all things happening in the SEEN ecosystem.


v2 Implementation Underway

All design revisions are complete, now the devs are building out the enhanced version of the website that will accompany our v2 release.

We’ve brought on two extra devs to help and expect to go live within the next few weeks.

This is the biggest upgrade we’ve made since the inception of the project so we want to make sure it lives up to the expectations of the community.

In addition to staking, reducing gas, and automatically extending auctions, the first phase of v2 will also include the following —

Auction Minting for SEEN Admins: Our current process is very manual. It requires @jigglybuff69 and @jiigsaw01 to gather all of the auction information and send it to both developers before everything is minted on OpenSea and updated on the website.

Allowing lower-IQ team members to make changes to the website will be a huge time saver and give us the ability to turn auctions around faster.

The success of our 1Penemy auctions/drops has proven that SEEN has the potential to generate some serious revenue.

We are excited to distribute a percentage of these proceeds to the community so they can take part in the growth of the protocol.

The second phase of v2 will allow the community to stake SEEN and launch their own NFT auctions.

This is a massive undertaking and it’s essentially equivalent to building out an entirely new site.

Rather than rush, it’s better to take an extra few weeks to build it properly so we have a differentiated offering from other self-serve auction portals like Rarible and OpenSea.

There will be a custom interface built under the Spotlight tab that will be very user friendly and have the same aesthetics as the new website.

Again, this will provide instant utility to the SEEN token so it’s in the best interest of the entire community for us to focus and make sure it’s done properly before releasing it to the public.

It will become our main priority after the first version of v2 is up and running.

Auction Recap

Record breaking week for SEEN. The 1Penemy drops + auction generated $67,456 in revenue.

Combined with the secondary sales, this would have made SEEN the #11 ranked NFT project by sales volume over the last 7 days.

The first NFT drop sold out in ten minutes and the second sold out in less than two.

1Penemy’s physical piece sold for $27,456 making it the highest ticket item ever auctioned on Seen Haus.

This is only the beginning of these types of weeks for SEEN. All of this was done through a collaboration with one amazing artist. Imagine when there are multiple happening every week, maybe even every day?

Upcoming Auction

After last week’s success, 1Penemy has agreed to remain exclusive with SEEN for the time being and do another series of drops over the coming days.

He was also generous enough to give us 30 signed prints of Ross Ulbricht to give away to the community. More details on that later this week.

Following 1Penemy, we have the much anticipated MADGRRL auction. This is our first time working with a musician and a big step forward in building the auction house of the future.

Since breaking into the system in late 2018, MADGRRL has taken her exploration of hard bass cyber sounds long past her HQ in Los Angeles and all the way to the stage at EDC Las Vegas.

Although a fairly new name across the globe of dance music, she’s already cracking major codes in the bass scene with releases on record labels Disciple, Barong Family (Yellowclaw’s label), Dim Mak (Steve Aoki’s label) and her collaborative single release ‘On & On’ on the world’s #1 dubstep label Never Say Die — being the first female Producer/Dj to release on NSD, ever.

With major artists supporting her tracks across the bass music scene as well as playing key dance events and major festivals — this is only the beginning for MADGRRL and nothing is going to stop her from engaging the MADNESS.

She will be releasing a track exclusively on Seen Haus this Thursday. The winner will be the first person to ever hear and receive the track!

You can check out her teaser video below:

Here’s the full calendar for the week ahead —

Tuesday, 3/9: 1Penemy NFT Drops (2 separate 1/1 NFT’s)

Wednesday, 3/10: 1Penemy Auction (2 separate physical pieces linked to NFTs)

Thursday, 3/11: 1Penemy NFT Drop (1/40) + MADGRRL Auction (Unreleased track)

Friday, 3/12: MADGRRL NFT Drop (1/40 Standalone NFT)

Both 1/40 NFT’s can be used to complete the ‘SEEN Origin Series’ collection. MADGRRL will be signature #7 and the 1Penemy NFT will be interchangable with ‘Kingpin’ for #6 in the series, since so many people missed out last time.

Those who collect all eight receive the following:

  • SEEN Paddle NFT
  • @jigglybuff69 NFT
  • @buddyart00 NFT
  • Automatically entered in two separate raffles to win a physical piece of art

Remember that the SEEN OG paddle can be used as a wild card if you missed a drop.


SC006 Has Passed

SEEN has received approval from the community to rent space in the Museum of Crypto Art.

Overall we believe that having a virtual gallery will help facilitate the onboarding process for newer artists to the space, since the concepts of a digital gallery can be paralleled to those of a physical gallery.

The deal negotiated includes the following:

  • Custom design and architectural work in creating the SEEN art gallery
  • Six (6) month rental for a space inside the Museum of Crypto Art
  • Training tutorials to onboard the SEEN team on the Voxels platform
  • Promotional materials (including, but not limited to: special community events within the MoCA and billboard space within the Voxels world)

We are now in the process of finalizing the terms and sending the payment to Benoit so we can begin the project. If you’d like to help out, feel free to reach out on Telegram.

We are Looking for a Marketing Expert

There are several exciting launches coming up over the next few weeks and we’d like to bring in some outside talent to help us gain exposure from the broader NFT + crypto community.

Please reach out to us on Telegram if you or someone you know would be a good fit for the role.

If you successfully match us with a candidate you will be rewarded with $SEEN.

The SEEN Party Is Happening

We’ve been talking about this for months, but with all the COVID restrictions it seemed like nothing more than a pipe dream.

However, with the great state of Texas lifting all lockdown mandates we’re looking into getting something scheduled in the near future.

There will be live performances, there will be signature drinks, and there will be lots of artwork up for auction.

This is how you merge the tangible + digital worlds of art.

More details soon.

Industry Deep Dive

This week @laserbacher went full big brain and did an amazing write up on the Privatization of Arts and Public Interests.

There are differences between the types of art we keep in our homes and the types of art put out by artists like Banksy which are available for all to see.

With the rise of NFTs, digital art is a new form of public art that is made accessible to everyone with an internet connection, from the computer at home or from the smartphone on the go.

Read the full analysis here:


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-the team