Welcome to SEEN V3! With our new NFT Marketplace feature we allow whitelisted NFT Artists to mint their NFTs on SEEN HAUS website directly. Both digital and traditional artists can apply and submit their work to be reviewed at

Drop Preview

This week’s highlight is a surprise collab with BlockWallet and Artblocks artist Donnoh! To make this happen, we have developed a new NFT sales contract that allows to distribute NFT collections with VRF baked into it.

BlockWallet & Donnoh


BlockWallet has developed a unique Phishing Protection feature, which guards its users against phishing attempts. Most phishing attempts lead you to scam websites where they trick you into entering a seed phrase or password into a fake wallet, a replica of a genuine one. It isn’t always easy to tell the difference.

Luca Donnoh

Luca Donno is a generative and minimalist artist since 2019 and a CS student at University of Bologna. His works have been featured in exhibitions and galleries in New York, Milan and Turin. In February 2022 he launched, a text-focused NFT platform.

Cruel Coppinger

With a prolific collection of impressive work, Cruel Coppinger has been making waves as one of the hottest emerging artists of the Tezos community. Now on the Ethereum mainnet, Cruel is ready to impress collectors with his wide ranging skillset.



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