State of SEEN — Volume #5


V2 is live

It is finally here! The much anticipated launch of SEEN HAUS v2.0!

  • Secondary Market Creating a secondary market on the SEEN HAUS website will allow collectors to trade their SEEN NFTs without having to leave the platform whilst artists can earn royalties on all subsequent sales of their work. Having our own secondary market is not just a feature but an industry standard and therefore on top of our priorities.
  • Open Editions SEEN HAUS will be able to do NFT drops where the community can purchase as many NFTs as they’d like within an allotted time frame. This also creates hype because of the time sensitive nature of the drop and benefits the artist if there is massive demand for their work.
  • Governance SEEN HAUS is transitioning into a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that wants the platform to be mainly curated by their token holders. With revenue sharing in place and active snapshot voting for governance proposals, SEEN HAUS will also implement a grant system to incentivize and honor community contributions. Combined with features such as the autonomous launchpad we are aiming to become increasingly decentralized and to be lastly fully community governed.

Auction Recap

This week, Fabio La Fauci and Timothy Gatenby have been the first two artists that we have been able to host on our new platform.

Drop Preview

“Will AI coexist with us after the singularity happens?,” Carter often ponders. “Or will it be humanity’s last invention that turns on us all?”


It has been a busy week for the entire SEEN HAUS team but also our community has been crushing it as always!

Industry Deep Dive

This week, doublewordscore writes about how communities play a vital role in the NFT ecosystem and how subcultures are empowering artists of all types.




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