State of SEEN — Volume #5
4 min readApr 25, 2021

Welcome to State of SEEN the weekly newsletter about all things happening in the SEEN ecosystem.


V2 is live

It is finally here! The much anticipated launch of SEEN HAUS v2.0!

We have received lots of positive feedback on the revamped website, had two auctions celebrating their debut on v2.0 and had our first revenue payout to $SEEN stakers. At the same time our community has been testing the new platform rigorously and we are continuously improving the UI/UX based on the valuable feedback.

Besides polishing up our new platform, the team is already focusing on the next big milestones on the roadmap:

  • Secondary Market Creating a secondary market on the SEEN HAUS website will allow collectors to trade their SEEN NFTs without having to leave the platform whilst artists can earn royalties on all subsequent sales of their work. Having our own secondary market is not just a feature but an industry standard and therefore on top of our priorities.
  • Open Editions SEEN HAUS will be able to do NFT drops where the community can purchase as many NFTs as they’d like within an allotted time frame. This also creates hype because of the time sensitive nature of the drop and benefits the artist if there is massive demand for their work.
  • Governance SEEN HAUS is transitioning into a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that wants the platform to be mainly curated by their token holders. With revenue sharing in place and active snapshot voting for governance proposals, SEEN HAUS will also implement a grant system to incentivize and honor community contributions. Combined with features such as the autonomous launchpad we are aiming to become increasingly decentralized and to be lastly fully community governed.

Auction Recap

This week, Fabio La Fauci and Timothy Gatenby have been the first two artists that we have been able to host on our new platform.

Italian mixed media artist Fabio La Fauci had his second appearance on SEEN HAUS. After his debut on April 2 at which La Fauci successfully sold his first ever NFT in a limited series of 40, we were very excited to have him back on the platform for a 1 of 1 auction. His stunning piece titled “Anon 2” came in La Fauci’s instantly recognizable style and sold for 1.94 ETH

British pop artist Timothy Gatenby who was already part of the SEEN Origin Series with his first ever NFT “InfNFTy Pepe” made his second appearance this week. In his auction, Gatenby sold the 80 x 80 cm large piece called “Feels Good Man”, a meme culture packed masterpiece, for 1 ETH

Drop Preview

“Will AI coexist with us after the singularity happens?,” Carter often ponders. “Or will it be humanity’s last invention that turns on us all?”

Carter self-admittedly is constantly thinking about the future, and specifically, future technology. The result is The Blockchain Series (TBS), a collectible card set that merges augmented reality with art, an experience that truly feels like it’s from the future.

Exclusive for SEEN HAUS, the TBS Genesis Series includes 20 of the most influential crypto personalities, ranging from Vitalik Buterin to Michael Saylor to Tyler Winkelvoss. Each card is a single edition 1 of 1, but they are tagged with different rarity levels: common, rare, ultra rare, & legendary.

The first three cards of the Genesis Series, containing Vitalik Buterin, Sergey Nazarov and Andre Cronje will be up for auction this week. The remaining 17 cards of the series will be available during the subsequent week.

Date: April 27th till April 29th (1 of 1 auction daily)


It has been a busy week for the entire SEEN HAUS team but also our community has been crushing it as always!

While Jay Welsh and SEM have been helping to organize the raffle of both the Origin Series and 2RAGON, doublewordscore is living up to his name and delivers A+ artist reviews. On the twitter front we have as always, the relentless Crypto Puffin spreading the word!

We greatly appreciate the support and enthusiasm within our community. As we are working towards the goal of being the first completely DAO governed and curated auction house, we rely on this foundation. A grant-system will soon be in place to honor your contributions!

Industry Deep Dive

This week, doublewordscore writes about how communities play a vital role in the NFT ecosystem and how subcultures are empowering artists of all types.

Read the full article here:


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