State of SEEN — Volume #14

Welcome to State of SEEN the weekly newsletter about all things happening in the SEEN ecosystem.


Due to the large number of updates, the entire release will be divided into partial releases over the course of the next weeks and months. The following should give an overview on the features themselves and their schedule.

V3 — Self-minting, royalties and reskin

V3 — Marketplace

V3 — Community Curation

Having those pieces in places, SEEN HAUS will be able to scale and increase the volume drastically, all while remaining fully curated and with fair royalties in place for artists.

Besides V3, we are developing a handful of additional features and minor upgrades to improve the UX of the entire platform:

Email notifications

New Market Handlers / Auction formats

At the same time, we will be exploring new auction formats that can be applied when launching an auction, such as blind auctions or randomized drops.

Sponsored Listings

L2 scaling

Regarding release dates, we will be posting a follow-up in the upcoming episode of “State of SEEN” next week. This first overview aims to align the community with our vision for the platform.

Auction Recap

Collectors of the entire 4-pieces NFT series will receive the 5th NFT of this exclusive collection as a reward.

The 30 x 40 inches large Christian Bale aka “American Psycho” mugshot piece is still available at

Drop Preview

0xmons are scarce pixel monster NFTs created through a combination of machine learning and human creativity. They can be entirely encoded on Ethereum, and are not considered infohazards when collected one at a time.

In collaboration with SEEN HAUS, this is the first ever physical 0xmons card for M̷’̷ö̷r̷k̷, Maelstrom of Consternation, voted on by the 0xmons community and designed by makke.eth. Colorful, glitchy, and the first step of the invasion from the ethereal, digital world of the 0xmons to our physical one.

Title: 0xmons — M̷’̷ö̷r̷k̷
Edition: 100
Date: Wednesday, July 14
Time: 15:00 EST

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-the seen haus team