State of SEEN — Volume #15


Late Q3 / Early Q4

  • Self-minting and platform reskin
  • Secondary Marketplace
  • Community curation


  • SEEN subscription model: $xSEEN holders will get access to various premium features. The previously announced Email notification service is an example of a members only feature, and limited editions will have an exclusive drop allocation for SEEN members.
  • New Market Handlers / Auction formats: Introduction of OfferHandler feature and new auction formats
  • Sponsored Listings (Harberger Taxes)


Development Update

  • Completed dark mode theming for artist & drop page
  • Improved claim process to enable buyers to claim directly after purchase
  • Upgraded internal fulfillment process to track user physical ticket balances
  • Commenced reskin process
  • Implemented self-minting UI
  • Reviewed V3 contracts for any additional functionality required before contract code freeze

Auction Recap

Drop Preview





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