State of SEEN — Volume #15

Welcome to State of SEEN the weekly newsletter about all things happening in the SEEN ecosystem.


In the previous edition of ‘State of SEEN’ we have highlighted our upcoming development milestones. This week we want to elaborate the roadmap and add our target deadlines for various releases.

Late Q3 / Early Q4

V3 will consist of the following three subsequent releases:

  • Self-minting and platform reskin
  • Secondary Marketplace
  • Community curation


  • SEEN subscription model: $xSEEN holders will get access to various premium features. The previously announced Email notification service is an example of a members only feature, and limited editions will have an exclusive drop allocation for SEEN members.
  • New Market Handlers / Auction formats: Introduction of OfferHandler feature and new auction formats
  • Sponsored Listings (Harberger Taxes)


The upcoming features will focus on governance and the Foundation’s transition to a DAO. Additionally, we will explore potential L2 scaling solutions in order to reduce Gas costs.

For our community to follow the progress, we will be releasing weekly Dev updates that will briefly summarize the latest developments.

Development Update

V2 development:

  • Completed dark mode theming for artist & drop page
  • Improved claim process to enable buyers to claim directly after purchase
  • Upgraded internal fulfillment process to track user physical ticket balances

V3 development:

  • Commenced reskin process
  • Implemented self-minting UI
  • Reviewed V3 contracts for any additional functionality required before contract code freeze

Auction Recap

This week’s drop featured a limited edition of the first ever 0xmons card, marking the beginning of the scarce pixelated GAN monsters’ invasion into the physical world. The AR-enhanced cards were sold out within three minutes, we appreciate all the positive feedback and it has been a pleasure to be collaborating with the 0xmons community!

Drop Preview

In collaboration with French artist Jisbar, we have been the first ones to ever send an NFT-backed fractionalized and community owned painting into space!

After the auction and customization, the artwork has been sent into space in June and safely returned back to Earth where it was subdivided into its 40 individual parts that will subsequently be shipped to their owners. To document this historical project, we will release an open edition NFT and broadcast the stunning footage of the entire space launch via YouTube premiere.

Title: Space NFT
Edition: Open edition
Date: Wednesday, July 21
Time: 15:00 EST

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-the seen haus team