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In case you haven’t, make sure to check out State of SEEN #14 where we have outlined the timeline for V3 and additional features.

For our community to be able to follow the progress, we will continue releasing weekly development updates.

Development Update

V2 development:

  • Implemented countdowns to minimum start times for reserve price auctions
  • Auto generation of claims pages for sale-type listings

V3 development:

NFT metadata management in self-minting UI flow (titles, descriptions, attributes, rights & tags)

Auction Recap

Last week we were excited to have Campbell La Pun on our platform! The internationally acclaimed stencil pop artist launched both the 1/1 original Minimum Chips and the LV Supreme limited edition print.

LV Supreme is part of La Pun’s spray can series which is extremely popular in the traditional art market world, there are still a few prints up for grabs at https://seen.haus/drops/00-lv-supreme-og-yellow-drip

Drop Preview

Hailing from the streets of Basel, Switzerland is BustArt, a street artist best known for his colourful and complex graffiti that can be described as ‘Street Pop-Art’. BustArt’s work is featured in the URBAN NATION 2018 exhibition, ‘UN-DERSTAND The Power of Art as a Social Architect’ and created a ONE WALL at Artpark Tegel in June 2020.

BustArt’s style is like his method, extremely versatile. From freehand painting to stencils with up to 8 layers, he uses everything, as long as concrete walls are the canvas for his art. His artistic career began during the era of street art expansion, in 1999 with very classical graffiti writing. Since then he has picked up the many facets of the art form along the way and merges them in his artistic process. His iconic creations are not made with aerosol-cans only, but also incorporate brushes, markers and stencils. BustArt’s street art combines writing and figurative elements to contribute to urban aesthetics and to intrigue his audience about the issues behind the paintings.

His Papa Smurf cutout is a two part laser cut aluminum wall sculpture with an automotive paint finish. This is an ed of 10 and they are all sold out — this is the last one. The face of Papa Smurf is his Graffiti tag — it spells out BUST. It is also to note, that the matching NFT coming with this exclusive physical has been designed by BustArt himself!

Title: Papa Smurf
Date: Wednesday, August 04
Time: 15:00 EST

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