State of SEEN — Volume #24
5 min readMar 21, 2022

Welcome to State of SEEN the weekly newsletter about all things happening in the SEEN ecosystem


The day has finally come! Through the ups and downs of the market we were quietly building, following through with our roadmap, and delivering an updated product that we think all NFT consumers will love. Thank you for your patience! V3 has been audited by Omniscia, and is now fully open-source:


SEEN V3 is a significant milestone on our journey. Why? In addition to merging physical and digital art, we believe in the importance of building out infrastructure for digital artists and web3 creators. In summary, SEEN HAUS V3 provides NFT artists a primary marketplace, self-minting service and a secondary marketplace. Visit our latest medium post for more details:

But our work is not done yet. We are improving the platform constantly and later, we will introduce community curation, increased primary + secondary functionality, and L2 scaling solutions to increase efficiency.


SEEN HAUS is transitioning from Telegram over to Discord. Crypto in general but especially the NFT space is most active over at Discord and therefore it only makes sense for us to finally follow suite.

The Telegram channel will remain open but we’d like to encourage the community to shift most of the interactions over to our Discord server to meet all our upcoming artists and to stay in touch with the team. Click the Link to join now

Development Update

Latest updates include the deployment of the Roadmap page which can be visitied on We now display our Public Roadmap that is constantly updated with recent developments for everyone to follow along with over time.

Furthermore we have been working on the 0xmons x SEEN HAUS Collab Claim Flow, by setting up a claim page which allows users to run claim physicals against their 0xmons tokens & save their shipping addresses for fulfilment of their claims.
We have also built out a minimal, gas optimised smart contract for conducting these claims against 0xmons tokens (which can be reused for other physical claims against contracts in the future and introduces an entirely new feature to the SEEN HAUS toolset).
We have also built out a system to monitor token balances for 0xmons so that we don’t need to rely on an external API such as OpenSea.

Drop Preview

With our new NFT Marketplace feature we allow whitelisted NFT Artists to mint their NFTs on SEEN HAUS website directly. Moving forward, we will have weekly showcases of selected artists as well as our flagship physical+NFT Art Drops.

Both digital and traditional artists can apply and submit their work to be reviewed at


This week we are excited to have 0xmons back on our platform, collectors and fans of the cursed GAN monsters await the highly acclaimed, exclusive physical edition to display in their home as a wonderful conversation piece!

After successfully summoning M̷’̷ö̷r̷k̷, Maelstrom of Consternation into the physical realm, the cursed devs have once again opened the mystical wormhole to continue the invasion of the GAN monsters. 0xmons cultists hereby have the opportunity to bridge their colorful, glitchy and unique pixel monster from the ethereal, digital world to our physical one.


Greencross entered the NFT space with his first mint back in September 2020. He is well-known in the space for DOS Punks NFT and his infinite glitching and reglitching artworks.

He is a techno DJ and producer who played who has played in over 7 countries and performed for crowds of over 10.000 people along the world’s most respected DJs. Greencross ran a techno record label for 10 years and now is the community manager of DOS Punks.

As an artist he tries not to be overly influenced by others, Max Capacity is the only artist that has really made a mark into some of his works. He gives credit of his NFT success to Alotta Money, Max Capacity, Sugar Club & the DOS Punks community.

One of his most cherished pieces is a collaboration with Empress Trash titled “ The Delusional Burdens Of Self Comprehension, Self-Loss And The Fear Of Death”, which is part of Known Origin’s International Woman’s Day collection, making Greencross the only male artist of the entire collection.


We are honored to have Haydiroket on our platform. An extremely well sought after NFT Artist in the Crypto space.

Haydiroket, who lives in Istanbul and answers to the name Mert, has been making gifs since 2008. He comes from the Tumblr generation of artists that started in 2008, many NFT artists who are popular today came out of this environment (famously, Beeple).

Haydiroket has a fertile imagination, and his work is filled with color, motion and the imagery of old Windows interfaces and video games. He works on a wide spectrum such as collage animation, glitch aesthetics, pixel art and analog video, blending all these techniques to produce his own and unique style.

Haydiroket is an example of an artist that is now considered an NFT artist who has had a long history of work before him minting any NFTs. It is well worth exploring his work on Tumblr and Giphy to see the breadth and depth of the work he has done.

That’s it for this edition of ‘State of SEEN’. You can follow the project on Twitter, Discord, Telegram, and here on Medium.

See you next time!

-the seen haus team