Welcome to SEEN V3! The past week has marked the official launch of our new platform. With our new NFT Marketplace feature we allow whitelisted NFT Artists to mint their NFTs on SEEN HAUS website directly. Both digital and traditional artists can apply and submit their work to be reviewed at

Drop Preview

Last week, Greencross and Haydiroket celebrated their SEEN debut as the very first whitelisted artists that ran their very own NFT auction. Congrats to both the artists and collectors for the successful launch!

Sahara Novotna

This week we are excited to welcome Sahara Novotna to SEEN HAUS!

Weed Gummy

This gummy bear is part of the gummy bear series.
“Weed Gummy” — it’s a one of a kind resin filled bear with a weed leaf embedded inside


Anonymous Nobody



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