State of SEEN — Volume #27
3 min readApr 19, 2022


Welcome to State of SEEN the weekly newsletter about all things happening in the SEEN ecosystem


Welcome to SEEN V3! With our new NFT Marketplace feature we allow whitelisted NFT Artists to mint their NFTs on SEEN HAUS website directly. Both digital and traditional artists can apply and submit their work to be reviewed at

Development Update

  • New “SEEN VRF” setup which allows large-quantity randomised sales to be done with artist-owned NFT contracts
  • Adjusted database queries of artists to merge the artist records from SEEN V1/V2 with the creator (user) records from SEEN V3
  • Preparing to migrate the physical drop process to the V3 contracts
  • Learning more about zkSync and experimenting with the testnet

For our development updates, please visit our public roadmap that is constantly updated with recent developments for everyone to follow along with over time:

Drop Preview

This week, will host a 420 FARMHOUSE collab release of 5 different physical street-wear hoodies with paired 3D-NFT art of the physical. Each of 5 artists will design hoodies in their style under the theme of 420. Buyers may purchase one or more NFT during the week and optionally claim a physical hoodie

The Artists

With 8 billion+ views on, haydiroket is a god of pixel, analog and collages.

A degen artist and collector, desultor’s dark pixel and analog cryptoart is one of a kind.

King of DOSPunks, MAX CAPACITY is an analog distortion deity with a flare for vibrant mesmerizing colors.

DJ and creator of vibrancy, greencross is a magician with fireball on lock.

Creator of delightful 3d and mesmerizing glitches, CRUEL is a ninja of distortion.

About 420 / FARMHOUSE

The @420 Twitter handle and events are branded channels that help Farmhouse Inc. connect the cannabis industry through online communication and in-person and virtual events. The @420 Twitter handle has grown to over 90k followers with strong monthly engagement rates that make it a key asset for the Company.

The Drop

The Drop will be open for 7 days, from WEDNESDAY 04/20 to WEDNESDAY 4/27 with all artists having a possible 100 editions each. Any unsold editions on 4/28 will be burned and physical claims will remain open for 1 week.

That’s it for this edition of ‘State of SEEN’. You can follow the project on Twitter, Discord, Telegram, and here on Medium.

See you next time!

-the seen haus team