State of SEEN — Volume #3
5 min readMar 16, 2021

Welcome to State of SEEN the weekly newsletter about all things happening in the SEEN ecosystem.


We have three devs currently working on building out the front-end of v2.

Right now they’re focused on the staking interface and implementing the new logic that will update the auction end date if someone bids in the last minute.

After that they’ll be fixing up the auctions page before moving v2 to the testnet so we can stress test a bit before going live on the mainnet.

We appreciate everyone’s patience as we continue to plug away on v2. There will be millions of dollars staked in the protocol and millions of eyeballs on the site after we launch several high profile auctions over the coming weeks and months.

We are doing everything we can to get this right and ensure SEEN is ready for the spotlight.

Auction Recap

Another record breaking week for Seen Haus. The combination of our 1Penemy & MADGRRL drops generated 50.65 ETH ~ $88,485.

We learned a lot over the course of the last few days. It was also the first time we released multiple drops by separate artists, so it was a good stress test of our current systems.

There are improvements needed to ensure we are ready to handle the influx of exposure we’re expecting after v2 goes live. Adding some new faces will expedite that process.

We brought on the Marie Kondo of crypto aka Lost Boy to help us get organized, and also a new animator who will be assisting the creative team with NFT & promotional designs.

Besides record breaking revenue, there was something else that made last week special. The winner of the MADGRRL auction was actually a fan who saw her live at EDC a few years back.

Not only did he receive an insane NFT that looked straight off the big screen at a festival, he also obtained an unreleased track by one of his favorite artists and was the first person in the world to hear the full song.

@doublew0rdscore explores this further in his weekly deep dive, but the potential here is limitless. Artists can explore so many new ways to drop new music that goes well beyond mainstream options like Spotify or SoundCloud.

One of the original goals of SEEN was to allow artists to connect directly with their fans and have full control over the way they distribute their work. It was incredible to watch this vision fulfilled in real time.

Drop Preview

This week on Seen Haus we have Tim Gatenby. Tim’s work uses classical painting techniques to subvert pop cultural icons.

Often combining deconstructed cartoon characters with dark humour, his images reflect the pressures of consumerism and modern societal tendency towards over indulgence.

He’s currently in the following galleries; Plan X, Milan, with CB Hoyo, Dot Pigeon, Tyler Shields.

Tim also previously exhibited work at the Royal Academy and National Portrait Gallery London.

We’ll be releasing an edition of 40 NFT on Thursday night at 9pm ET to complete the SEEN Origin Series. There will be a raffle following the drop where one person will be randomly selected to win the physical.

Next week we’ll reveal the actual NFTs collectors will receive, as well as the physical pieces that will be raffled to two lucky winners.

Those who collect all eight receive the following:

  • SEEN Paddle NFT
  • SEEN Sniper NFT
  • Trading card NFT created by one of the SEEN OG’s ; )
  • Automatically entered in two separate raffles to win a physical piece of art

Remember that the SEEN OG paddle can be used as a wild card if you missed a drop.


Looking for Multisig

We need one esteemed member of the CT community to join the big brains of the multisig and assist us with treasury management until we complete the move to full decentralization in the coming months.

Ideally we’d like to have someone who’s also involved in the NFT space, but all suggestions are welcome. Drop us a note on Telegram if you’re interested.

Extreme Makeover — Discord Edition

Our Telegram is a wonderful place where the SEEN community talks about art and drops the best memes on CT. The recent surge in members has caused a lot of messages to get lost in the sauce and resulted in people missing out on important updates and announcements.

We’re in the process of revamping Discord so the community has a space to convene that’s more organized with channels that align with people’s specific interests.

Telegram will still be active and a big part of SEEN, but Discord will now exist as an option for those who prefer to chat over there.

Industry Deep Dive

In honor of our first music related NFT auction, @doublewordscore’s deep dive focused on the “Introduction of Music on the Blockchain”.

As we mentioned earlier, perhaps the most powerful and compelling use case of NFTs in this space is the ability for musicians to interact directly with consumers, with provable ownership and transparency.

Read the full analysis here:


That’s it for this edition of ‘State of SEEN’. You can follow the project on Twitter, Telegram, and here on Medium.

If you missed us last week, check out the previous issue using the link below:

See you next time!

-the team