State of SEEN — Volume #3


We have three devs currently working on building out the front-end of v2.

Auction Recap

Another record breaking week for Seen Haus. The combination of our 1Penemy & MADGRRL drops generated 50.65 ETH ~ $88,485.

Drop Preview

This week on Seen Haus we have Tim Gatenby. Tim’s work uses classical painting techniques to subvert pop cultural icons.

  • SEEN Paddle NFT
  • SEEN Sniper NFT
  • Trading card NFT created by one of the SEEN OG’s ; )
  • Automatically entered in two separate raffles to win a physical piece of art


Looking for Multisig

We need one esteemed member of the CT community to join the big brains of the multisig and assist us with treasury management until we complete the move to full decentralization in the coming months.

Extreme Makeover — Discord Edition

Our Telegram is a wonderful place where the SEEN community talks about art and drops the best memes on CT. The recent surge in members has caused a lot of messages to get lost in the sauce and resulted in people missing out on important updates and announcements.

Industry Deep Dive

In honor of our first music related NFT auction, @doublewordscore’s deep dive focused on the “Introduction of Music on the Blockchain”.




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