Dev team has been busy polishing up the v2 website, as well as working on the code that will allow us to randomize both the upcoming Carter and Shillus drops.

Auction Recap

This week we were proud to finally reveal the first exclusive drops of Carter’s ‘The Blockchain Series’ (TBS). His collectible card set merges augmented reality with art, an experience that truly feels like it’s from the future.

Drop Preview

Carter TBS Genesis Edition

After Carter’s successful initial drop, we will be featuring a the remaining 17 cards of the TBS Genesis series.

Ed Bassmaster


We received a ton of amazing contributions from the SEEN HAUS community last month and wanted to reward grants to a select group of individuals for their hard work:

Industry Deep Dive

Luxury brands and blockchain is a match made in heaven. In this week’s deep dive we explore this upcoming trend, and highlight why it is only a matter of time before a brand like Gucci will release an NFT.




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