Welcome to State of SEEN the weekly newsletter about all things happening in the SEEN ecosystem.


SEEN HAUS is in turbo build mode and is working on expanding the platform massively. Two major projects that are currently being worked on are the secondary market and a community launchpad:

Secondary Market

In order to bring SEEN HAUS to the next level we develop our own secondary market. The market will allow artists to earn royalties and will enable physical items to be traded.

We have allocated additional development resources and are excited to have @seaofarrows on board to lead this project! Cliff is a highly experienced developer and has already contributed greatly to the NFT space by for example building the avastars.io platform.


Another important aspect is scaling and expanding the SEEN HAUS marketplace. We want the platform to be governed and curated by a DAO consisting of artists, collectors and NFT enthusiast.

Using our artist launchpad, we are setting up processes that allow for individually hosted and curated auctions. Those auctions and editions will be limited to digital art only.

Auction Recap

This week we have concluded Carter’s TBS: Genesis Series in our first ever randomized drop. Carter’s stunning AR enhanced trading cards sold out entirely within a few hours and opensea.io shows secondary market demand where cards like TBS: #01 Satoshi Nakamoto have pending price offers for 2.5 ETH. It was a great pleasure hosting Carter’s TBS collection and we are looking to have him back on the platform!

Later this week we hosted an exclusive NFT only edition in collaboration with Ed Bassmaster aka Chip Diamond. The edition is still ongoing and will be ended on Monday May 10th 3PM EST. All holder of the NFT will be entering a raffle and 1 lucky person will win an Infinite Object (lcd video print) of this NFT. In addition to this, Chip Diamond himself will be sending you a personal message!

Drop Preview

This week we are excited to welcome Stacey Lee Webber on SEEN HAUS!

Stacey is an American contemporary metalsmith and is known for her sculptures and jewelry made out of reclaimed pennies. Her practice incorporates a wide range of techniques including coin cutting, embroidery, metal fabrication, weaving and resin pouring. All of these techniques and more are used to declare the importance of the handmade while challenging these same systems. Webber’s objects are haunting celebrations of liberty and labor.

Among her recent achievements are an exclusive jewelry collaboration with Dominican fashion designer Oscar de la Renta and her award as Best in Show at the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show 2020.

Her latest series — the Insurrection Bills — is a response to the US’s febrile political climate and was just recently featured in The Guardian. We are excited to be featuring two of her exclusive pieces this week at SEEN HAUS!

Auction: 2 x Physical & NFT
: Wednesday, May 12th
Time: 3PM EST


We can’t thank our community enough for all the tremendous support we receive. As always, your contributions will not go unnoticed and be honored with grants, you guys are the backbone of this entire platform.

On this note, we are excited to announce that as of next month JayWelsh will be joining the dev team full time as a full stack developer! Jay has been an early supporter and his experience as well as his passion are incredibly valuable for SEEN HAUS.

Anyone is welcome to contribute to the development of the protocol. If you have a particular area of expertise you think would be valuable feel free to reach out and we can figure out a way to get you involved.


That’s it for this edition of ‘State of SEEN’. You can follow the project on Twitter, Discord, Telegram, and here on Medium.

Check out the previous issue using the link below:

See you next time!

-the seen haus team



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